3 Options For Child Placement After Birth

Posted on: 17 January 2018

If you are late in your pregnancy or have already given birth and decide you are unable to take care of your baby, you may feel like you have limited options for placing your baby in a safe and caring environment. However, even if you did not plan to place your baby up for adoption during your pregnancy, you have several post-birth options that are meant to keep your baby safe and give you the support you need to make the best choice for them. 


An adoption can be arranged fairly quickly after your child is born. In many cases, you can arrange the adoption while you are in labor or while you are at the hospital after giving birth. If you work with an adoption agency, you may be able to browse profiles of adoptive parents while you are at the hospital, and most adoptive parents will drop everything to come pick up your baby. 

A benefit to choosing adoption while you are in labor or at the hospital is that there is a possibility for your hospital bills to be covered by the adopting family, which is not possible if you pursue adoption later. However, many families are looking to adopt older babies, even up to around two years old, so placing an older baby is not usually difficult. 

Foster Care 

If you are not sure if adoption is right for you, but you find yourself unable to care for your newborn, you may consider foster care. With foster care, your child can be placed immediately and you have a period of time to change your mind. However, if you decide that you want to continue caring for your child, you may have to meet certain parenting standards before you are granted custody again. In you are unable to prove that you are a fit parent, you may have a difficult time gaining custody of your child. 

If you plan to give up your parenting rights permanently, adoption is usually a better option than fostering because you will be able to select which family your child will be placed with, whereas with fostering you do not have that power. 

Safe Haven 

Safe havens are temporary care options if you are unable to care for your child. With safe havens, you are able to drop off your child without making any commitments. If you decide you want your child back, you can pick them up within a certain period of time without going through the legalities of the foster care system. However, if you do not act within that period, your child will be placed in foster care. 

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